Akin, Missouri GOP make large ad buys for final days of campaign

The Daily Caller

The Todd Akin campaign has placed a large ad buy for the final six days of the election with the help of the Missouri Republican Party, The Daily Caller has learned.

Senior campaign adviser Rick Tyler said that the campaign placed a $300,000 ad buy on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, the Missouri GOP made a $386,000 coordinated ad buy with the Akin campaign.

Total, Tyler says they will have close to $1.3 million worth of ads running for the final six days of the campaign, with the intent of expanding that figure even more.

That would put their spending on parity with Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign, which has been outspending Akin for the duration of the campaign. McCaskill holds a financial advantage, having out-raised Akin by about six to one in the third quarter.

Polls show the race tight — a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon for News 4, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Kansas City Star found Akin trailing incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill by a mere two points, 43 percent to 45 percent.

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Akin, Missouri GOP make large ad buys for final days of campaign

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