AJ McCarron's Mom Fights Back Over Racist Comments About 4-year-old Cancer Patient

(MOBILE, Ala.) - Crimson Tide star AJ McCarron's mom is fighting back after some racist comments were posted to her son's Facebook fan page. It all surrounds pictures of AJ with Starla Chapman. AJ has been visiting Starla for the past year and raises money for the 4-year old who is battling cancer. AJ's mom, Dee Dee Bonner, says she had to delete dozens of racist posts from her son's fan page. She says AJ is furious. After all, Starla is his Goddaughter. McCarron and 4-year-old Starla Chapman have a special relationship that began last Christmas Eve in Mobile. "They met and just had a connection we just can't explain," said Bonner. Starla is battling acute myeloid leukemia. Her cancer is now in remission. And one of her biggest fans is AJ. "He loves her to death and she loves him," said Bonner. The football star's Facebook fan page is flooded with pictures of Starla. Shockingly, some comments AJ's mom Dee Dee Bonner found in response to those pictures were filled with hate and racism. "They're lucky AJ couldn't get his hands on them. They've made comments not only about the color of skin, but just about kids with cancer in general, the way they look. It's just really disappointing," she said. Bonner erases all racist remarks as quickly as she can. But Local 15 found a comment beside a picture of AJ with President Barack Obama. It reads, "I hope you sanitized afterwards." Bonner says posts she found beside photos of AJ and Starla hugging were similar. "We've had several incidents. Him and Kenny Bell, there were some posts about him and Kenny hugging after a touchdown pass and there were negative posts about him hugging a black man. There were negative posts about him hugging TJ," said Bonner referring to McCarron's teammates. Now, she has a simple message for fans "If you feel that color is an issue, then AJ's fan page isn't for you," said Bonner. AJ and Starla got to see each a few weeks ago. Starla's mom was able to bring her up for a home football game. They hope to see each other again during the holidays. ? Click here to read this story on www.local15tv.com