An airline passenger was escorted away by police after sparking a fight in the aisle and 'demanding drinks' from flight attendants

  • A Scoot passenger was "demanding drinks" and ranting for "hours," per The West Australian.

  • Another passenger challenged him before they fought in the aisle, a video shows.

  • The man was restrained with zip ties and sent back to Perth, Australia the following day.

A man was escorted by police from a Scoot flight on Friday after fighting with another passenger in the aisle, The West Australian first reported.

Footage shows the man being confronted by another passenger who's recording the video.

The man who's filming says he's going to record an "ass whooping" before the man challenges him to a "one-on-one, right now" and slaps him.

The incident took place when the Scoot flight from Singapore landed in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, per The West Australian.

A person who traveled with the man on both flights told the newspaper that he had been causing trouble on an earlier flight from Perth, Australia to Singapore.

The West Australian reported that the man had "demanded drinks" from flight attendants and had been ranting for "hours" before the fight.

"As soon as he was down, a couple of other guys were kicking him on the ground," one witness said, per

"A couple of the guys and flight attendants zip-tied his arms and legs together and they waited for the police to come," they added.

The video ends with the man sitting on the floor and trying to put one of his shoes back on while restrained.

"You were right," he tells the man filming who had challenged him.

Scoot confirmed to that a passenger was restrained "due to unruly behavior" and denied entry to the Philippines, returning to Perth the following day.

"The wellbeing of our customers and staff is our priority and we do not condone behavior that compromises safety," the airline added.

Scoot did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment, sent outside Singaporean working hours.

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