'You ain't from here': Black man hits out at Portland protesters in heated exchange

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Man accused protesters of not being from the city (Twitter)
Man accused protesters of not being from the city (Twitter)

Just days after protests resumed on the streets of Portland, Oregon, video has emerged of a black man hitting out at demonstrators, telling them: “You ain't from here!”

Footage uploaded to Twitter on Sunday night - which has since gone viral - appears to show the man, who says he is from the city, remonstrating with the protesters, some of whom are white.

The man, dressed in a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a cap, accused the group of not being from Portland, which has been at the centre of demonstrations following the death George Floyd, a black man who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

"I got something to say, I got something to say...what do you represent?" the man could be heard yelling, as he approached the group after abandoning his vehicle in the road.

"What do you represent?" he repeated. "You don't represent this motherf*****!"

The man, who appears to be in his 50s, then pointed to a number of properties on the street, before shouting at the protesters: "You don't know whose house that was, whose house that was... you don't know cause you ain't from here.

“You don't know cause you ain't from here, motherf*****s but you come here and you got a motherf******g little situation for us, how we're supposed to be."

He added: "You got a situation for us, huh? How you want us to be." "You ain't from this motherf*****! You don't know what we went through motherf*****!" the man added, after one of the group attempts to explain why they are protesting in the city.

One of the protesters then told the man the group is from Portland, to which he replies: "Why are all these motherf*****s that ain't from here, they don't look like us, why are they from here?[sic]".

A protester then appears to name a high school in the area, but the man continues to shout profanities at the group, before the video ends. It is unclear if any complaints were made to police; The Independent has contacted the Portland Police Bureau for comment.

Demonstrators took to the streets in Portland again over the weekend, following a dayslong pause largely due to poor air quality from wildfires on the West Coast.

Police declared an unlawful assembly Friday night in a neighbour near a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement building where protesters had marched, according to a police statement.

Protesters participated in criminal activity and threw items at officers, police said, leading to 11 arrests.

Less than two weeks ago the mayor of Portland ordered police to stop using tear gas for crowd control during the frequently violent protests that racked the city for more than three months after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Demonstrators had not gathered in the city since at least 9 September, when police and protesters clashed near City Hall. Wildfires have spewed dangerously dirty air across Oregon, California and Washington state, and sent haze across the country.