Aiken school board discusses revisions to student code of conduct

May 11—The Aiken County Public School District Board of Education held a special called meeting on May 2 to discuss student discipline and revisions to the Code of Student Conduct.

The code of conduct is revised annually, and recommended additions and deletions are considered during in this process.

Board Chairman Cameron Nuessle called the meeting a "workshop of sorts focusing around student discipline." The process and timeline for revisions to the code of conduct were discussed.

There was much conversation around the ways that education leaders handle student infractions. Dr. John Bradley, district eight board representative, talked about the need for a clear-cut set of guidelines to make disciplinary action more uniform.

"I would like to see a more objective way of determining the seriousness of the crime," said Bradley.

At the May 9 general board meeting, the first reading of the revision of the Code of Student Conduct was presented by Dr. Corey Murphy and Tyral Braxton. Braxton gave a brief synopsis of the recommendations that have been made to the board for revisions.

Proposed changes in the code of conduct include the addition of religious headwear to the list of appropriate attire as well as other dress code changes, a clear definition of bullying and the addition of code 700 which will be available for serious offenses that can't be addressed under other codes.

"The bullying clarification was excellent, the changes were excellent," said Barry Moulton, who represents District Five.

The revision drafts for elementary, middle and high school were approved by unanimous vote on the first reading.

The changes will be further discussed.