The Aftermath of Boston: First Victim Identified

Dashiell Bennett

The city of Boston is waking up to the aftermath of one of the saddest days in its history, and is beginning to process of mourning the victims, helping the survivors, and finding the perpetrators. You can see all our previous coverage of yesterday's events here, but keep checking this page throughout the day for new information on the investigation.

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The Victims

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Now that time has passed to notify families, many of the victims' stories are starting to be revealed. Early on Tuesday morning, The Boston Globe identified the 8-year-old boy who was one of the three people killed by one of the blast. His name is Martin Richard, and he lived in Boston suburb of Dorchester. Martin mother, Denise, and one of his sisters were also serious injured and remain in the hospital with "grievous injuries." According to one report, the sister lost one of her legs. Martin and and the rest of his family were waiting at the finish line for his father, William, who ran in the Marathon.

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Apparently, there was some confusion that this was the actress Denise Richards, but the names are not the same.

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In another similar heartbreaking story, of families waiting together at the finish line, The Globe tells of two adult brothers from the Boston area were standing next to each other when the bombs went of. Each of the brothers lost a leg in the explosion.