‘The Affair’ Season 3, Episode 6 Synopsis Released

Noah Solloway has a whole lot of making up to do. In the next episode of Showtime’s “The Affair” Noah attempts to reconnect with his son Martin, but Martin wants absolutely nothing to do with his father.

In a sneak peek of episode 6 (seen above) Martin (Jake Siciliano) is furious with Noah (Dominic West) because he missed a school meeting. Martin tells his mom, Helen (Maura Tierney), that she should have never told Noah about the meeting, and the disgraced author doesn’t need to be in their lives anymore. “He killed someone mom,” he angrily says. “Why can’t you just admit that?”

When Noah doesn’t answer Helen’s phone calls, it appears that she goes to the college he teaches at to try and find him. According to a synopsis released via TV Guide, Noah’s disappearance causes Helen to unravel some “increasingly troublesome discoveries.” The synopsis adds: “Meanwhile, Noah is compelled to return to a place he’s spent his life trying to escape and attempts to repair his relationship with Martin before it’s too late.”

Besides Noah trying to fix things with Martin, episode 6 will also focus on Helen and Vic’s (Omar Metwally) relationship. In a short promo (seen below), Vic seems ready to take the romance to the next level and tells Helen they should “get hitched.” Her response: “You’re joking right?” Apparently, Helen isn’t quite ready to get married again.

However, a third sneak peek video reveals that she does introduce Vic to her parents Bruce (John Doman)and Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant). Helen’s mom seems thrilled about the new relationship, telling her daughter that anyone would be better than Noah. Helen’s parents also have a surprise to share: they’re calling off their divorce. As fans may recall, Bruce and Margaret split because Bruce cheated. In the video, Bruce explains that his mistress left him so he decided to rekindle things with his estranged wife. Helen is horrified, but her mother is happy about it. “Aren’t you happy for us, Helen?” Margaret says as Helen stares at her parents in shock.

There’s so much to look forward to in the next episode, but fans will have to wait two weeks before checking it out. “The Affair” will not air Sunday, Dec. 25. Episode 6 will debut Sunday, Jan. 1 at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.

The Affair Season 3 episode 6
The Affair Season 3 episode 6

Can Noah (Dominic West, right) fix his relationship with his son Martin (Jake Siciliano, left) on “The Affair” Season 3? Photo: Showtime

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