All the Advertisers Who Are Sticking by Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh said he wasn't motivated to apologize to Sandra Fluke by the number of companies pulling ads from his show. He insists he's turned away "millions" in ads and he can always "replace" the ones who've left! But it made us wonder exactly who does advertise on Limbaugh's show. We paid close attention to Limbaugh's ad breaks on Monday's broadcast on D.C.'s WMAL. Limbaugh's sponsor base  reveals a lot about how those angry white men of the 1990s are aging -- they care a lot more about weight loss, teeth, and gold. So far seven advertisers have pledged to pull their ads: AOL, ProFlowers, Quicken Loans, Sleep Number beds, Sleep Train, Citrix Systems, LegalZoom. Here are all 31 advertisers we heard on Monday's show Update: Several of these advertisers have pulled ads from Limbaugh's show since this post was published -- if so, the company's statement is noted next to its logo. Update II: See our updated post on the companies that pulled their ads, many of them noted here.

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Amberen's ad promises their supplement will cut your belly fat. Update Tuesday 1:36p.m.: On Facebook, Amberen explains the nitty-gritty of buying ads on the radio and says it can't pull its ads: "We understand that some of our customers are concerned that Amberen ads are still airing on the Rush Limbaugh show. Lunada Biomedical assures you that we take these concerns to heart! Most of our employees, including the CEO, are female. And like millions of other Americans we were outraged by Rush Limbaugh’s incendiary and offensive comments. However, we are a small company that buys remnant (leftover) media time and, as such, we cannot, by definition, be considered the 'sponsors' of Mr. Limbaugh’s show or, for that matter, any other show. Because we purchase this leftover airtime in bulk, we have no control over when and where our ads are going to be aired. Nor do we have the ability to 'pull' ads from any specific show. The only way for us to do that would be to put our entire advertising campaign on hold. Again, because we are a 'remnant' and not a 'premium' advertiser, this action will exert no influence on Mr. Limbaugh’s show."

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Lear Capital's ad doesn't name the "simple investment" that has grown every year for eight years. The website gives you the answer: gold. "If the people who control the money are investing it, shouldn't you consider it too?" Update Tuesday 1:42p.m.: Lear says it's evaluating the situation on Facebook: "At this time we are evaluating our advertising relationship with the Rush Limbaugh Show as well as having open and honest dialogue with Mr. Limbaugh and program executives. We are awaiting further information and response to this matter."

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Carbonite is a data backup business. On Saturday, CEO David Friend announced that his company "decided to withdraw our advertising from his show." We're giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming the order didn't make it to ad office in time for Monday's broadcast.

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The ad asks for donations. Update Tuesday 9:20a.m.: Goodwill posted this message on its Facebook page: "Goodwill is a non-partisan nonprofit organization. Public service announcements are not paid advertisements and should not be considered endorsements of a particular political or ideological point of view. The Goodwill public service announcement that aired on WMAL or other stations affiliated with the Rush Limbaugh show aired without Goodwill’s knowledge or consent. No further Goodwill public service announcements will be aired without our permission." Update Tuesday 1:13p.m.: Goodwill clarifies the mistake in an email: "The PSA that aired was intended for a DC-area music station but a sister station that airs Rush Limbaugh ran the PSA without our knowledge or consent. "

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Polycom Federal is a product that makes teleconferences easier. Update: Polycom emailed Tuesday morning to say: "Polycom does some syndicated radio advertising, including spots on WMAL, however we had no intention to run ads on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  The recent comments by Mr. Limbaugh go against our core values, and we have taken action to discontinue advertising on this program."


Snell Heating & Air Conditioning could be a D.C.-local ad.




Winning Our Future is the Newt Gingrich-backing superPAC.

 is apparently a way to make money from your couch.









You can print stamps. From home! Update Tuesday 1:45p.m.: said it had suspended its ads Tuesday.




The insurer still advertises with Rush. Update: Commenter Richard Careaga says after emailing Geico, he got this response: "In 2004 when Rush Limbaugh’s  program also carried remarks that were inappropriate, we ceased all advertising on his show. We don’t advertise there to this day. On occasion, a local station may mistakenly run a GEICO ad in the wrong time slot. We are directing our ad buyers to make sure that doesn’t happen."







Exergen advertises its thermometer on Limbaugh's show. Update Tuesday 6:42p.m.: The company writes on its Facebook page: "Dear valued customer, It has come to our attention that an Exergen ad has run without our knowledge or authorization on some radio stations that broadcast the Rush Limbaugh program. Exergen has taken prompt action to ensure our ads do not air during this program in the future."








Capital One. Update Tuesday 1:19p.m.: Capitol One's Pam Girado emails to say, "Just wanted to let you know that Capital One does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show (and hasn't for some time).  If a Capital One ad ran during the program, it was without our permission. We are investigating to see if an error was made by one of our media partners." Geico and Netflix appear to be in similar situations.  Update Tuesday 3:31p.m.: The company denies placing any ads on the WMAL stream of Rush Limbaugh. We and they are still trying to answer how it ended up on Monday's show. Update Tuesday 6:37p.m.: Capital One emails: "Capital One does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show and hasn't for some time.  We've investigated this situation and determined that unbeknownst to us and without our permission, a Capital One ad ran during a local online broadcast of the program. We've been assured by our media partners that this kind of error will not happen again."

An online drugstore. Update Tuesday 8:37a.m.: Vitacost tweets: "We've removed our ads from his show. His comments don't reflect our brand values."



The tractor maker. Update Tuesday 1:45p.m.: The company told Bloomberg that the manufacturer doesn't buy ads on Limbaugh's radio show, but the dealers sometimes do through a network. The company is "reviewing" the ads.
 advertises on Rush's show. It's a collection of home remodeling professionals. Update Tuesday 10:57a.m.: ServiceMagic emails this statement: "It has come to our attention that some of our advertisements have inadvertently been airing in conjunction with the Rush Limbaugh show. While we at ServiceMagic respect the individual political beliefs held by our customers, recent comments on the show do not align with the values we hold at the core of our company and as such, have requested to remove our support as an advertiser."


The Nova Armament ad notes that it also caters to ladies who have historically felt neglected by the gun-selling community.



Sensa is some kind of weight-loss supplement. Update Tuesday 8:37a.m.: Sensa tweets: "We have made the decision to pull our ad from the Rush Limbaugh Show. It will be removed within the next couple of days."




 It's sort of unclear who this advertiser is -- it mostly urges callers to call a number that lists all the foreclosed properties in America -- but it briefly mentions it's called "hot props." This might be the website.


Network Capital advertises for home mortgages. Update Tuesday 1:36p.m.: Network Capital's Alex Ramirez emails to say the company buys ads on WMAL, the D.C. radio station, not Limbaugh's show. He writes, "Our ad campaign is directly affiliated with WMAL as a broadcast station; their programming director dictates the placement of our ads daily. Network Capital does not agree nor condone Mr. Limbaugh’s opinions or statements."



Insperity advertises "high performance HR solutions."



The Department of Veterans Affairs advertises aid to veterans having trouble adjusting back home.


A dental center in Virginia -- probably not a national ad. Update Tuesday 1:45p.m.: The dental center has pulled its ads.





Netflix is sticking with Rush. Update Tuesday 9:07a.m.: Netflix emails to say it doesn't advertise on Rush. We're waiting to hear back whether the company just bought ads on the local radio station or what. Update Tuesday 3:18p.m.: Netflix writes with this explanation: "What you’re hearing is a network ad buy, dropped inside the program during network time, and not an ad that supports the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Netflix does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Long ago we instructed the agency that buys ads for Netflix not to have any Netflix ads appear on the network time the airs inside the show (at half-hour breaks) so those ads have appeared in error.  They are being removed."

Yet another weight-loss plan. Update Tuesday 1:50p.m.: "RightSize does not buy advertising on this program. We are looking into this matter further. Thank you for your business," the company tweeted Tuesday.





Another local ad for a DC-area dentist. Update Tuesday 1:45p.m.: The dental center has pulled its ads.




United Health Care advertises on Rush. Update March 13: UHC emailed to say network and affiliate ads may coincide with the show, but UHC does not choose to place them there.



Ackerman sells monitoring devices.






Alan Thicke autoplays on this company's site,



Merit Financial -- "the gold people."




Robert Steinberg -- a lawyer seeking mesothelioma patients.





Hillsdale College -- Rush reads a radio ad for a free class on the Constitution.