Adults in US believe children's health is on the decline: study

Watching TV cooking shows could have an impact on what food choices a child makes, according to new research.

Are today's children worse off than generations past? That seems to be the dominant consensus according to the results of a new survey which looked at how adults perceive children's health.

Conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, the poll asked 2,700 adults questions about their perceptions of children growing up in the US today.

"We found that adults in the U.S. broadly agree: children's health today seems worse than for children over the past several decades," said study author Matthew M. Davis in a statement.

This perception is strongest when it comes to stress levels, with 64 percent of adult respondents agreeing that children today are more stressed than they were when they grew up.

Likewise, 65 percent of respondents said they believe that today's children enjoy less quality family time.

A little more than half (52 percent) said today's generation of youngsters possesses weaker coping mechanisms and is less positive than generations past.

Despite advances in children's medicine and public health, study authors point out that childhood obesity, asthma and behavioral problems have become more common, and call for improved efforts to address the new challenges.

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