Adult chimpanzee kills baby chimp at LA Zoo

FILE - In this file photo provided Thursday May 17, 2012, by the Los Angeles Zoo shows a baby chimp, born March 6, seated with its mother, Gracie, at the zoo in Los Angeles. Officials at the Los Angeles Zoo say the baby chimpanzee was killed by an adult male chimpanzee inside their exhibit as visitors watched. A zoo spokesman, said in a statement that visitors told zoo officials the 3-month-old infant chimp who had not yet been named was attacked in her habitat by the adult male on Tuesday.(AP Photo/Los Angeles Zoo,File)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mother of a baby chimpanzee killed by an adult male at the Los Angeles Zoo has been allowed to keep the infant's body overnight.

The zoo says in a statement that leaving the dead baby with the mother gives her an opportunity to grieve.

The unnamed female baby was killed Tuesday by a male chimpanzee in an attack witnessed by zoo visitors.

The infant was born March 6 to a chimp named Gracie and was being gradually introduced to the troop, one of the largest in a North American zoo. The zoo says there had been no indication of aggressive behavior toward her.

Experts say, however, that attacks by males on small offspring of other chimpanzees occur often in the wild and in captivity.