Adorable new species of porcupine discovered in Brazil

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In a world where animals of all types face danger from all manner of threats, it is vital that the scientific community vow to find a way to ... OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!

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Researchers in Brazil's Baturite Mountains recently discovered a new species of prehensile-tailed porcupine that is cute enough to make your golden retreiver puppy look like a gargoyle.

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According to a blog from Mongabay, "the new species was discovered when scientists noticed significant differences between it and its closest relative, the Brazilian porcupine (Coendou prehensilis)." Researchers noted differently shaped skulls and darker quills. Mongabay reports that there are more than 30 different pocupine species around the world.

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Researchers believe the new species lives only in the Baturité Range in the Brazilian state of Ceara.

Describing the porcupine, Dr. Anderson Feijo and Dr. Alfredo Langguth wrote in a paper published in Revista Nordestina de Biologia, "On the back the quills are long with a short dirty white basal band, followed by a long brown intermediate band and a dirty white terminal band. On the sides of the body, the quills are shorter than on the back and are distinctly darker. This is due to short basal and distal bands of dirty white color and a long intermediate brown band. The quills are not covered by hair. The nose is bulbous, big and soft."

Earlier this year, a team of Brazillian researchers found yet another new species of porcupine.