A Gay Couple's Dual Suprise Proposals At Disneyland Will Melt Your Heart

couple get engaged at disneyland
couple get engaged at disneyland

Are you ready for some serious gay joy? Because this sweet dual proposal has us in our feelings!

Samuel Bishop Macias and Javier López both had big secret plans for their trip to Disneyland last weekend. They’d both smuggled a special item into the theme park that would make the trip one they would never forget.

As the two stood in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, López got down on one knee in front of his boyfriend to pop the question. A surprised and delighted Macias then whipped around his shoulder bag and pulled out the ring he was planning on presenting to López, then got down on his knee as well.

The whole beautiful moment was captured on camera by TikTok user jennytuell14.


Congrats!! I got their permission to post and sent them my video 💕 #disneyland #proposal #doubleproposal #loveislove #disney #happiestplaceonearth

Needless to say, the answer for both of them was an emphatic yes. In the video, you can see the couple nodding to one another, kissing, and hugging while fellow Disneyland attendees clapped and cheered on this adorable display of queer love!

Seriously, this is why we love Disneyland so much!

Macias was delighted to learn that the moment had been caught on film, thanking the TikToker for both recording and sharing it. “Thank you so much for being our unofficial videographer,” Macias wrote in the comments. “You are the sweetest. Thank you, thank you a thousand times!”

López agreed. “Thank you for the video! It was a pleasure to meet you!” he wrote “You capture the emotional moment forever at the correct time! Happily ever after.”

The duo also shared their photos of the moment on Instagram, including of their hands clasped in front of the iconic castle.


“We said yes,” read the caption on Macias’ Instagram. “Thank you, thank you for choosing me every day, thank you for being the best friend, partner, partner in crime, thank you for wanting to be my life partner and team up together in everything.”

“We have been through so many things together, painful things, uncomfortable, sad things, but most of all many moments of laughter and happiness and love,” he continued. “I love you and I will always love you...No matter what!”

We wish this couple nothing but the happily ever after they deserve. What can we say, we love a fairytale ending.