Adorable Animals Sneezing, Polaroids Taken By Chimps And The Weirdest Kickstarter Projects

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by Rob Walker | @YahooTech

In 1872, twin brothers Jebediah and Cotton Internet devised a series of tubes to enable the consumption of entertaining little diversions on demand. Happily their namesake invention survives to this day. Here are some ways to take advantage of it.

Thumbs Up: Colombian illustrator Jaime Calderón presents “Super Likes!,” an appealing collection that reimagines the Facebook approval icon in the style of Spider Man, Thing, Iron Man, Wolverine, and other superheroes. Via Bem Legaus.

Weird Kickstarter:

Somewhat in the spirit of Regretsy (although less theatrically mean), Freakstarter highlights the oddest projects seeking money on Kickstarter. Example SockLock, a tool for hanging “up to a dozen” socks out to dry. (Funded, obviously.)

Light-Up Chucks:

Adafruit shows you how to make the logo on your Converse sneakers blink and glow.

Extinct Orchestra:

“Designer Marguerite Humeau reconstructs the voices of extinct animals based on speculative extrapolations from their skull structure,” reports BLDG BLOG. Listen to her spooky sonic creations here.

My Chimp Could Do That: Enjoy these Polaroids taken in 1998 by a chimpanzee named Mikki, in “collaboration” with artists Komar and Melamid. If you like them, you can bid at an upcoming Sotheby’s auction, where it is estimated they’ll go for somewhere between $75,000 and $100,000.

Just Get The Pastrami:

Fans of New York institution Katz’s will enjoy The Last Jewish Waiter, a new YouTube series in which David Manheim complains — often profanely — about his co-workers, customers, and lot in life, and explains why he will not be serving you that burger you just ordered.


Imagine something kinda like sleeveface, but with dogs and cats. Sound good? Then @zachdriftwood is the Instagrammer for you. (Via This Isn’t Happiness.)

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And In Conclusion: Why don’t you just watch animals sneeze for 4 minutes and 19 seconds? It’s what the Internets would want.