Adora-Couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski List ‘Sexy’ Home at $8M

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski — one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples, as even their real estate agent attests — just listed their home in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills at $8 million today. You might be familiar with it already: It’s across the street from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, and the neighbors frequently prank each other.

Krasinski bought the house for about $1.9 million in 2009, the year before he married Blunt. They extensively remodeled the 1958 home, nearly doubling the square footage, to about 4,800. Our slideshow includes a few “before” photos, from the 2009 listing.

The listing agent, Catherine Marcus of Sotheby’s International Realty, couldn’t say enough good things about the property — or Krasinski and Blunt themselves.

“The inspiration for the home was that this was going to be their family home,” she told Yahoo Real Estate. They have a daughter named Hazel who’s almost 2. “The design was all the fun, sexy lifestyle of Los Angeles, but conducive to a family home. …

"They are really just the greatest couple,” she said, describing Blunt and Krasinski’s habit of taking business trips in tandem so they’re together as much as possible. “What you see is what you get.”

And the home itself, though in the contemporary style that’s such an L.A. favorite, isn’t just a chilly white box; “it’s super-warm and just pretty,” she said, drawing the word out with a sigh. When she shows the house, visitors exclaim the same, she says, even though “everybody’s so jaded, they don’t say that stuff usually.”

We asked Marcus about the addition.

“So John wanted a creative space — that was his dream,” she said. After all, he’s not just Jim Halpert from “The Office” or the newly ripped star of “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”; he’s also a director who adapted David Foster Wallace’s “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” as a movie.

“When they build the third floor, he created this gorgeous office … specifically for collaboration” with other writers, which is why you see four leather armchairs facing each other, she said.

A bedroom adjacent to the office is outfitted as a Pilates studio — which probably came in handy when Blunt was training for “Edge of Tomorrow,” the 2014 sci-fi action movie co-starring Tom Cruise. We doubt Krasinski made much use of it, though, since he recently revealed to Stephen Colbert that Blunt “hates” his new muscles and much prefers his “doughy guy” look.

But there is a deck off the office, because Krasinski “wanted a place where he could just go out and blow off steam.” It’s designed to look like a New York City rooftop deck.

Maybe their hankering for New York was a little too strong. A spokesperson for the couple told the Wall Street Journal they’re selling because they’re moving to the East Coast.

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