Adidas bans number 44 on German national team kit over SS sign resemblance, sparking scandal

German national team's new kit banned due to contentious number design
German national team's new kit banned due to contentious number design

The European Football Championship will be held in Germany this year, where the Bundesteam qualified automatically as the hosts of the competition, Bild reported on April 1.

A new football kit has recently been unveiled for the German national team to wear at the tournament.

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A conflict has arisen between Adidas, which has been outfitting Die Mannschaft since the 1950s, and the national team representatives.

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The fact is that the well-known sportswear brand decided to withdraw from circulation T-shirts with the number 44 and imposed a ban on its use in the German national team because this number in a new font is very similar to the abbreviation "SS" (full name - "Schutzstaffel") – the Nazi military units of Germany that operated during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

The German national team will play in the same group as Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland at the 2024 Euros. Ukraine's rivals in Group E will be the national teams of Belgium, Slovakia, and Romania.

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The tournament will run from June 14 to July 14.

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