Additional data may have been leaked in Fort Worth’s summer 2023 data breach, city says

A June 2023 hack of the city of Fort Worth’s website may have leaked more information than initially thought, the city said Friday.

A review by an outside law firm revealed hackers got access to motor vehicle accident reports including drivers license numbers, dates of birth and whether someone was transported to a hospital, the city said.

The city’s initial review of the breach found that hackers used stolen login information to access a software system that manages road maintenance projects. The city didn’t think any of that data was sensitive, however, the secondary review by the outside law firm revealed system included vehicle accident reports with personally identifiable information.

The city keeps these reports with maintenance records in the event it needs to file an insurance claim for damages damages after a crash, said Kevin Gunn, city information technology chief. About 448 people were affected, and the city sent letters in early January to notify them.

The city has since taken steps to improve its cyber security, including changing passwords and adding two-factor authentication, Gunn said.

The hacker group, SiegedSec, claimed in a social media post it was attacking multiple government agencies in Texas due to the state’s policy on gender affirming care.

The attack came shortly after Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 18 on June 2 banning doctors from providing gender affirming care to a person under 18.

The bill is facing a legal challenge before the Texas Supreme Court, which heard oral arguments in the case Jan. 30.