Adam Levine Defends Calling Nakia's 'The Voice' Cover Of Lambert Song Better Than The Original

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Adam Levine isn't apologizing for his comments on "The Voice" on Tuesday night, when he claimed contestant Nakia's version of "Whataya Want From Me" was better than the original.

On Wednesday, the Maroon 5 singer and "Voice" coach hit his Twitter account, responding to a host of Adam Lambert fans who Tweeted after he said that despite not hearing the original version of the song, Nakia's was the best.

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"I had honestly never heard that song before. I thought that @nakia made me like a song that would have otherwise fallen flat. I'm NOT sorry," Levine Tweeted early Wednesday morning.

Nakia, a standout contestant on "The Voice," and under the mentorship of Cee Lo Green, impressed the panel on Tuesday's show with his rendition of the song.

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Country superstar Blake Shelton dubbed the singer's rendition worthy of an "award show performance," but it was Levine's remarks that caused the controversy.

"Wow! Hey man, I'm actually not familiar with that song, but you just forced me to like it, that's pretty cool," Levine said, unaware the song was one from former "American Idol" runner up Lambert.

"You have so much power up there," Levine continued in praise of Nakia. "Everything was amazing, you're such a great singer. And I'm pretty sure, although I haven't heard that song before, you sang it better than the person that sang it originally. So good job, amazing job, amazing job dude."

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As for Lambert, he too praised Nakia's rendition on Twitter just after the performance, and suggested his upcoming album will teach Levine a lesson in Lambert 101.

"Yeah Nakia! Saaaang boy!! Great performance. I think Adam might know who I am after this next album. Get ready for me Levine. Haha," he wrote.

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Lambert added that Levine's remarks created no bad blood and his fans, known as "Glamberts," could rest easy.

"But for the record, Im def a Maroon 5 fan. Fans: there is NO reason to be angry. Thanks for being protective but it's all good," he wrote, signing off with an emoticon smile.

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