Aces of Trades: Emily Jackson's work helps women feel more confident

CHILLICOTHE – She found a business she never dreamed she’d be doing.

“As a kid,” recalled Emily Jackson, “my family described me as a fearless ball of energy, creative, hardworking, and always ready to face a challenge. I had several different dreams growing up, the first to be a singer/actress on Broadway. Then moving on to more practical goals, I had a strong interest in the possibility of becoming a physical therapist or personal trainer. I’ve always felt a strong inclination to help others, but as a woman who rarely ever wears makeup, I never dreamed that I would be permanently tattooing it on other people’s faces!”

Today, Jackson is a permanent makeup artist with her business called The Ink Loft, recently rebranded from Emily Does My Brows.

“I offer permanent makeup services,” she explained, “that include eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip blushing. I also offer saline removal services to lighten pigment for clients who’ve had undesirable results from previous services. I offer eyebrow threading, and I also provide training for those who would like to become licensed to provide threading services themselves. I share my space with three other amazing women – my daughter Esther, a nail technician, and two massage therapists, Nikki Elkins and Jordan Elliott.”

Emily Jackson, a permenant make up artist and owner of The Ink Loft, sits at one of the work stations inside of The Ink Loft on December 6, 2023, in Chillicothe, Ohio.
Emily Jackson, a permenant make up artist and owner of The Ink Loft, sits at one of the work stations inside of The Ink Loft on December 6, 2023, in Chillicothe, Ohio.

“I started offering permanent makeup services in January 2020,” Jackson continued. “Prior to that I spent years helping women to recover and meticulously shape their natural eyebrows through threading, but I found that a lot of my clients had experienced permanent hair loss in their brows due to over-tweezing, aging, or health conditions. This presented a new challenge for me, and I wanted to continue to help my clients to feel their best. So I made it my mission to learn how to create the illusion of a natural eyebrow with a tattoo.”

Jackson grew up in Waverly, graduated from Waverly High School in 2000, then went on to pursue intercultural studies at Bethany Global University.

“Prior to starting my permanent makeup business,” she said, “I was a nail technician that specialized in natural nail manicures and free-handed nail art. I learned through my clients there was a need for eyebrow threading here, so I went to Washington DC to acquire training for this service and was the first to bring it to our area.”

Stephanie Lemaster is a friend and “client for life.”

“The moment I met Emily I instantly could tell how passionate she was about the work she does,” said Lemaster. “She’s very knowledgeable about what she does, and she educates her clients as she does the process. She’s very professional and at the same time very caring to make you feel comfortable and confident. Emily is a beautiful person and I appreciate all she has done.”

“I do this,” Jackson responded, “because it brings so much value to women’s lives by simplifying their makeup routines, making them feel more confident, and sometimes look more youthful. I’m passionate about providing the best techniques and products that our industry has to offer.”

“I’m so happy to have found this special place in our community through my work,” she concluded. “I’ve invested a lot into building trust with my clients. Seeing them still loving their permanent makeup over the years just makes my heart smile and motivates me to keep bringing them the best our industry has to offer – and I had no idea this field would allow me to get to know so many women in our community and build so many lasting relationships.”

The Ink Loft is located at 27 W 2nd St. in Chillicothe. For more information, look on Facebook.

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