AccuWeather Platinum review staff

AccuWeather Platinum brings you minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour forecasts. The availability of its features, however, depends on where you live.


Accurate weather reporting: AccuWeather Platinum gets the forecast right most of the time, even the precipitation warnings. Also helpful is that alongside the pressure and wind details, it provides a wealth of other information, including the UV index, visibility, and dew point, which are not generally provided by free weather apps.

Customizable push notifications: In the app's settings you can choose whether to receive alerts for critical weather events as well as precipitation.

Well-made, easy-to-use interface: The app looks as good in portrait as in landscape mode, featuring temperature and precipitation charts, a menu bar (in portrait mode) with current, hourly, and daily temperature and precipitation info, and intuitive slide-to-navigate controls.


MinuteCast only in the US and Canada: Minute-by-minute weather forecasts that include precipitation type, intensity, and duration are available only to US and Canadian users, so you can't really enjoy them while traveling abroad.

Superfluous weather videos & news: While informative, the media content within the app, and especially the weather videos, are too general to be useful, especially if you're not living in North America. The videos and news, together with the maps, only slow down the app.

Bottom Line

AccuWeather Platinum is accurate and informative enough to justify spending $2.99. That said, if you don't really need minute-by-minute or hourly weather updates, there are plenty of free apps on Google Play that can predict the weather. Also, keep in mind that minute-by-minute forecasts won't be available if you travel outside of the US or Canada.

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