Abandoned steelworks looks like 'post-apocalyptic wasteland'

An abandoned steelworks that looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland similar to Westworld has been transformed into an artist’s haven. Far from its days of producing over 250 tons of steel per day, this steelworks in Birmingham, Ala., has lain dormant for 40 years, a sad ode to its long-forgotten wonder years long.

The 2,000 acres of land is a mixture of derelict decomposition, rusting machinery, overturned offices and broken equipment. The impressively derelict site captivates the eye due to its unusual state even hosting exposed brickwork from a boiler explosion never fixed.

The site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs, imports and other factors. It was then left to rust until 1993, when the owner began inviting artists from all over the world into the workspace to start producing pieces for the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The unusual location, which is nearly 140 years old, not only serves as a muse to contemporary masterpieces and it also hosts workers mining the grounds for dolomite and limestone. (Caters News)

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