Abandoned beside a highway and hit by a car, California puppy waits to begin new life

Shelbie hasn’t gotten the best start in life.

Abandoned as a pup with two of her siblings beside a Bakersfield-area highway, Shelbie also got hit by a vehicle, breaking her femur, a California dog rescue told McClatchy News in an email.

Her two litter-mates were adopted while Shelbie recovered from surgery to fix her leg, but now it’s this energetic 9-week-old pup’s turn to find a new, happier life, Meggan Oksness of the HIT Living Foundation said.

“She loves to be around people/dogs and would love a home where someone is present a greater part of the day,” Shelbie’s adoption listing said.

“She gives the best little kisses and hugs and will make someone very happy,” the listing said.

Shelbie would do best in a home with other dogs, the foundation said, noting that although she’s supposed to be on crate rest as she recovers, she’s eager to play with other foster dogs.

“Due to her fractures, there is a chance she may have a slight limp or develop arthritis, so it’s important that her forever home understands this and accepts her just the way she is — which, in our opinion, is perfect,” Oksness said.

Shelbie is smart and easily trainable, her adoption listing said.

“Despite her challenging start, Shelbie remains a resilient and joyful pup,” Oksness said.

The ASPCA estimates that about 6.3 million cats and dogs are surrendered annually at animal shelters in the United States.

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