A very 'paranormal' baby announcement

Yahoo News

Part "Paranomal Activity," part "Parenthood," this baby announcement/mock trailer for "Bun in the Oven" is a must-see.

We open on a lone woman in a dimly lit kitchen. She's at the sink. It's all very eerie. Suddenly, the oven (OK, the stovetop) makes a noise. She turns around. It... it... the gas has turned on by itself.

The woman calls her fella, who comes home to take a look at the malfunctioning appliance. Nothing wrong as far as he can tell.

But later, the oven turns on again. Then, a phone call. It's coming from inside the oven! Gasp!

The couple open the oven door and discover (cue a crash of thunder) ... a lone hamburger bun.

And that's when we get it: a bun in the oven. Awww. Coming to a delivery room near you in June 2014.

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