A Super Simple Way to Waterproof Your Shoes (Get Your Hair Dryer Out!)


Walking around in soaking wet canvas shoes? Well, stop it already!

As the first few weeks of the year whizz by, we find ourselves trudging around in dreary weather, plunging temperatures and, dare we say it, a fair bit of drizzle. (Unless you live in the Northeast, in which case, it’s blizzard time.) What’s worse than the drizzle itself? Walking around in soggy socks!

You might have had the good sense to invest in a pair of seasonably appropriate boots or super cute, colorful galoshes. But if not, don’t give up on your stylish but impractical canvas shoes just yet.

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Though you probably should relegate your Keds, Chucks, and Vans to the back of your wardrobe until it warms up, we’ve got an easy waterproofing hack from Household Hacker, for those of you who just can’t make that happen.

Here’s the scoop:

What you’ll need:

  • Plain white candle

  • Hair dryer

1. To begin with, rub the candle all over the canvas part of your shoes, until you’ve formed a thick layer of wax. It’ll be white, but don’t worry about it!

2. Next up, heat up the wax on your shoes using a regular old hair dryer. You’ll want to heat the shoes until the wax has completely melted into the fabric.

3. Let the shoes dry and you’re all set. The set-in wax will prevent any water from penetrating your shoes.

Check out the video from Household Hacker here:

If you’re looking to waterproof beyond your shoes, we’ve got a hand mixture that will waterproof just about anything. Check out our video to learn more:

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