A smartphone app that predicts future to-do list tasks

24me is already one of the most popular and highly reviewed productivity apps offered in the iTunes store. But the automated personal assistant is banking on a unique new feature that its creators say can predict future items on a user’s daily to do list.

“Our vision is a single app that acts as a long-term personal assistant – the kind that intuitively knows what needs to happen next,” 24me CEO Gilad Hertanu told Yahoo News. “To do that, we apply Artificial Intelligence to the real life accounts users provide.”

But can an app really “predict” your daily tasks? Yes and no. To work, a user connects any number of accounts to the app: Yahoo! Calendars, Microsoft Exchange, Google Maps and a number of financial institution sites. Combining the information, the app then comes up with an aggregated set of tasks, many of which can be completed on the phone itself.

“The implicit agreement is that your data and habits will be analyzed, and in return you’ll have something a lot more useful than a basic to-do list on your smartphone that you manage yourself,” Forbes’ Ewan Spence wrote .

And it’s not just the boring stuff like paying bills. 24me also helps with social reminders, such as posting a birthday greeting on someone’s Facebook wall. Or, when the user has to run across town for a meeting, the app automatically cues up directions, saving the user the time and headache of trying to load up a maps app while simultaneously plugging in information about the meeting.

The app is “self learning,” meaning that its ability to accurately predict upcoming to-do tasks improves with use and as the user increases the number of sites and tools synched with 24me.

“People want simplicity in their lives, which is why we rely on technologies to remind, alert and prompt us to live more efficiently,” Hertanu said.