A man shared on a podcast how he 'excelled' at being a husband. Many people on the internet thought he could do better.

An interview on the podcast 'Social Proof' opened up a conversation about what the 'bare minimum' is for a healthy relationship.

A man shared on a podcast how he 'excelled' at being a husband. Many people on the internet thought he could do better.

A segment from the entrepreneurial-focused Social Proof podcast (@davidneversleeps) is going viral on social media, not for its business tips, but because of a recent interview that explored relationship dynamics.

Hosted by founder and entrepreneur David Shands (@sleepis4suckers), Social Proof occasionally diverts from Shands's solo presentation and puts guests in the interview “hot seat.” On Oct. 29, 2023, Shands brought on motivational speaker Jah Pugh (@jahthevoice) to discuss how he had overcome adversity.

For Pugh, adversity meant trying to repair his relationship after infidelity. Pugh explained how he has two children from his seven-year marriage, and one from outside of that relationship, which has created challenges and the need for him to go above and beyond to make the relationship work.

But it's how he's chosen to go "excel" that's opened him up to internet ridicule.

“One day, I just randomly sent her a blue heart [emoji],” Pugh says in the interview. “Every day I’m [going to] add an extra heart."

“Talk about going the extra mile…,” Shands wrote in the caption of the excerpt.

However, Pugh's streak didn't last as long as he, Shands and many podcast listeners thought it arguably should have, especially given the challenges he described in the episode.

"Long story short, I messed up," he confessed about his new routine of adding an extra blue heart each day. "I went 21 days.”

On Instagram, Shands’s post has nearly 10,000 likes, but on TikTok, several posts calling out the interview have garnered over 1 million views. One TikTok user, @reinventthyself, even compared Pugh's admission to when Olympic gymnast Simon Biles's husband, NFL player Jonathan Owens, said he didn't know who his famous wife was before they met.

“He should’ve declined this interview,” replied @iamdextercw.

“The bar is in HELL,” commented @elpoppichula.

What is the 'bare minimum'?

Pugh’s comments started a conversation online about people accepting a "bare minimum" in relationships and what that means for different couples.

“People in the comments were like he's doing the bare minimum, but that wasn't even minimum. it was just bare,” replied @cruzan_peach.

Others have taken the opportunity to show gratitude to their partner after hearing what Pugh said on the podcast.

“Grateful for my man cuz I just saw the blue heart podcast,” @notnelee wrote in her video.

Vicki Larson, a relationship expert and co-author of The New 'I Do': Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels, told Yahoo News that a couple’s needs vary with every relationship.

“A healthy relationship is one in which both people feel seen, heard and respected; there is good communication and boundaries that are respected; you have similar values and goals; you can trust each other and are trustworthy,” Larson said.

Larson also explained what traits constitute a healthy relationship, as many TikTokers were calling out Pugh and even advocating for his wife to divorce him.

“Ideally, a couple should decide what they need and want from each other for themselves,” Larson told Yahoo News. “Still, I would expect honesty, trust, respect, kindness, affection, compassion, intimacy and being considerate.”

On Dec. 19, 2023, Pugh posted a video on Instagram discussing his visit to the Social Proof podcast.

“I pray that one day I’ll be able to set the captives free through my story, my vulnerability, my perseverance, my faith, my overcoming, my short comings and my growth,” Pugh wrote in his caption.

After this post, commenters appeared to be more receptive to what Pugh had to say.

“A lil theatrical but at least you saying some real s***,” commented @qdg_djn.

Neither Shands nor Pugh responded to requests for comment from Yahoo News.

(Photo credit: @sleepis4suckers, @socialproofpodcast / Instagram)