A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Burning Man in Style

By Amy Chan, Editor of JustMyType.ca 

Photography by Alice Edgar of AC Design House.

As a former luxury hotel reviewer, I never thought that I could ever survive the extreme conditions of Burning Man, a week-long festival in the middle of Black Rock desert. But this year, something was calling me to the playa. Burning Man is a welcoming event where judgements are left behind and free-spirited kindness is currency. The festival, which is dedicated to radical self-expression, art and creativity seemed like exactly what I needed during a year of many life changes and transitions.

At Burning Man, average city-life clothing just won’t do. First of all, the weather conditions make for extreme heat in the day, and temperatures can drop to 35-40 degrees at night. There are an overwhelming amount of checklists and guides on the Internet that provide fashion tips on how to survive the environmental conditions, adhere to the cultural essence and yet, still stay true to your authentic sense of style.

After countless hours of scouring the web, I’ve compiled a list of fashionable pieces, perfect for the playa. While some think of their Burning Man wardrobe as costumes, I’d like to think of the outfits I’ve curated as an extension of my true style aesthetic. (Well, ok, maybe without the blinking lights.)