93-year-old great-grandmother mauled to death by neighbor’s dogs in California


A 93-year-old great-grandmother died after being brutally attacked by her neighbor’s dogs in Modesto, California.

What happened: Chanthy Philavong was reportedly at home in the 3600 block of Dothan Drive on Thursday afternoon when a pair of her neighbor’s dogs ended up on the loose. The dogs, identified as Cani Corsi, an Italian breed of mastiff, first approached the front door of Philavong’s other neighbor, Jeniece Dendulk, where they were seen wagging their tails via a security camera.

“All of sudden, they take off, and then I hear screaming, so I take off out the door,” Dendulk told KCRA. “I hear the mom, and she’s screaming for help, and I see the grandma on the ground and the dogs have her.”

According to Dendulk, the dogs trapped Philavong against her front door and wall. Dendulk threw shoes and pots at the canines as Philavong’s grandsons managed to help get her inside the house.

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Philavong’s death: Although Philavong initially survived the attack, she succumbed to her injuries on Friday.

“It was chaos,” Dendulk said. “It was a matter of 80 seconds. Just like that, everybody's lives changed. It was awful. If I'm feeling this way I can’t imagine how they’re feeling. That’s their home and they have to live with that.”

Investigation: The police are currently investigating the incident. The dogs are reportedly in custody at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter. According to KCRA, a woman living in the home of the dogs said she was in Arizona at the time of the attack.

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A spokesperson for the Modesto Police Department told KTVU that there is no known history of violent behavior involving the Cane Corsos. It has not yet been determined if charges will be brought against the dogs’ owner.

GoFundMe page: Philavong’s family and community are grieving her loss. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support the family during this difficult time.

“She was taken from us unexpectedly,” one of Philavong’s grandsons wrote. “Anything that helps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.”

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