9 New Shocking Details from the Florida Neighbor Shooting

Screenshot:  FOX 35 Orlando
Screenshot: FOX 35 Orlando

The white Florida woman charged in the fatal shooting of mother of four Ajike Owens, made her first court appearance since being arrested. According to The Associated Press, the suspect admitted to racially targeting Owens’ children and called the police herself to report the shooting.

The rest of the information revealed in this hearing in relation to the shooting will have you appalled. Here are nine takeaways from the hearing:

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1.Violent Behavior

Susan Lorincz, 58, told investigators the night of the shooting she had a headache and that the children outside were “screaming and yelling” in a grassy area between her apartment complex and the next. While a few children (presumably that of Owens) were playing basketball, Lorincz came outside and threw a pair of roller skates at them, hitting one in the foot, the report says.

Lorincz admitted in court to swinging an umbrella at the children as well.

2. Racial Slurs

“Get away from my house, you Black slave,” one neighbors’ daughter recalled hearing Lorincz yell.

Lorincz also admitted in court to coming out of her house to flick them off and yelling the n-word at the children.

3. The Karen Call to 911

The day of the incident, Lorincz pulled the typical Karen move and called the police around 8:54 p.m. authorities say. According to the call transcript, she claimed the kids were going to “come and kill her” and trespassed on her property.

4. Scaring Kids Away

In addition to nearly hitting children with her truck and tormenting them with her yelling, police say Lorincz previously stuck “No Trespassing” signs in the grass to try and keep children from near her home. Lorincz admitted in court that the property she claimed was being trespassed was actually a shared area and not owned by her.

5.Claims Against Owens

Lorincz claimed when Owens knocked on her door, she threatened to kill her.

“-Owens banged on the door so hard, everything started shaking and she thought the door was going to come off,” she said in court. She said she thought to herself, “Oh my god, she’s really going to kill me this time.”

6. The Gun

Lorincz admitted in court that she bought the Remington .380-caliber handgun for protection following a prior altercation with Owens. She also had a second handgun in the house, a Ruger LCP II 22 LR, authorities said. They found the two guns in a trashcan.

The arrest report states there was a magazine inserted and one live round inside the chamber with live ammunition in the magazine.

7.The Shooting

Lorincz fired a single round through her front door. She told the police she thought she hit really high when she shot. She called 911 again to report she shot a woman through her front door - the same woman she claimed attacked her. Three minutes later, deputies arrived to find Owens lying on the ground. She was pronounced dead at the hospital later.

8. Lorincz’s Arrest

Authorities say when they went to arrest Lorincz, she caused a scene by refusing to cooperate and told them, “kill me.” While being taken into the patrol car she tried to fall on the ground and complained of chest pain, per FOX 35 Orlando.

She was taken to the hospital before she was booked in the county jail.

9. ‘Stand Your Ground’

In the court hearing, Lorincz admitted to “possibly” researching self-defense information online ahead of the shooting and the day of her second interview. Detectives also said she used words like “reasonable” and “prudent” during her interrogation.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said since January of 2021, deputies responded to at least a half-dozen 911 calls between Owens and Lorincz. The end of their years-long feud resulted in Owens losing her life and Lorincz being charged with first-degree felony manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery and two counts of assault.

Owens was 35 when she was killed. Her mother, Pamela Dias, is now raising her four grandchildren. The funeral service for Owens is scheduled for Monday, per AP.

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