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8Bitdo's Ultimate Controller with charging dock is back on sale for $56

That's 20 percent off and close to a record low.

Engadget / Jeff Dunn

8BitDo makes some of our most beloved third-party game controllers. They work with just about everything and they’re well-built. Right now, you can scoop up a bundle with an 8BitDo Ultimate Controller and a charging dock for $56 via Amazon. That’s almost a record-low price and the cheapest we’ve seen this particular controller combo since earlier this year.

We called this controller the “last gamepad” most people will “need to buy for Switch and PC.” There’s no stick drift, thanks to the use of magnets and “hall effect” sensors instead of traditional potentiometers. This gamepad should stick around for the long haul. We also loved the Bluetooth functionality, especially when using the controller with portable devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

There’s a neat little mobile app for customization, which can adjust the sensitivity of the joysticks, triggers and haptic vibrations. Of course, this app also allows users to remap the buttons, add macros and create unique settings profiles. If mobile isn’t your bag, this can all be done on PC.

The charging dock powers up via USB-C and doubles as a storage container for the included USB wireless dongle. The gamepad can connect over this dongle, Bluetooth or a USB-C cable. Pairing is simple, with a mostly plug-and-play experience.

The battery life is decent, though not spectacular. This controller gets around 20 hours per charge. The only real downside here is the original $70 asking price, which is the same as a Switch Pro controller. This issue has been alleviated by this discount, as $56 is pretty much the sweet spot for a high-grade third-party controller.

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