86-year-old bodybuilder breaks own record as oldest Japan bodybuilding championships competitor

A Japanese bodybuilder has broken his previous record as the oldest male competitor in the Japan bodybuilding championships at the age of 86.

Toshisuke Kanazawa achieved the feat by participating in the 68th edition of the men's Japan bodybuilding championships in Osaka on Oct. 9.

The veteran bodybuilder, who competed against much younger contenders, failed to reach the top 12 but has remained positive about the experience.

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"I'm grateful for just being able to participate,” Kanazawa said. “I hope I can reach the hearts of others when they see me take on a challenge even in old age."

Kanazawa, whose passion for bodybuilding began when he was 20 years old, won his first Japan championship at the age of 24. He won his second title at 27.

Although he retired after he turned 34, he returned to the sport before turning 50 to inspire his wife, who often got sick.

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Throughout his bodybuilding career, Kanazawa became a national champion 15 times. While his second-place finish in the 34th edition of the championships in Hokkaido last August is already impressive, Kanazawa remains motivated to continue his bodybuilding passion.

"I'm still not anywhere near the finish line,” he was quoted as saying. “It's important to keep setting goals and taking on challenges no matter how old you are."

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According to Kanazawa, he intends to join competitions until he’s 90 and hopes to become an “example to other grandpas and grandmas in the world by living healthy until 100."

Kanazawa is set to compete in the world championships in Spain in November.

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Featured Image via Toshisuke kanazawa (left), Evolution of Bodybuilding (right)