81-year old climber quits Everest attempt

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80-year-old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura, who became the oldest conqueror of Mount Everest on last Thursday, speaks to media upon his arrival at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, Wednesday, May 29, 2013. Miura, a Japanese former extreme skier, conquered the mountain on May 23 despite undergoing heart surgery in January for an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, his fourth heart operation since 2007. He also broke his pelvis and left thigh bone in a 2009 skiing accident. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — An 81-year-old Nepalese man has abandoned his attempt to climb Mount Everest, leaving a Japanese mountaineer with the record as the oldest person to scale the world's highest mountain.

Team member Dame said Wednesday that Min Bahadur Sherchan returned from Everest because weather conditions were worsening late in the spring climbing season for the Himalayas. Sherchan was having financial difficulties and a government grant for his climb only came last week.

Sherchan had held the record until last week when 80-year-old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura scaled the 8,850-meter (29,035-foot) mountain.