8 Last-Minute Games to Stack Under Your Christmas Tree

Lauren Hockenson
8 Last-Minute Games to Stack Under Your Christmas Tree
For the FPS Maniac: Halo 4

For the FPS Maniac: Halo 4

After the sheer success of Halo 3 in 2007, it was difficult to imagine a more complete and enjoyable game in the franchise. That is, until 343 Industries revived the series and created the magnum opus Halo 4. As dramatically compelling as it is beautiful, this game is an essential to any Xbox outfit and is worth a goldmine in replay value and multiplayer opportunities. Back in the shoes of Übermensch Master Chief, this installment of the series deals with the complicated task of finding a way home. Master Chief must gun, bomb and cover his way out of an alien landscape overrun with plenty of baddies, all the while holding together the fragile but necessary AI being Cortana. What unfolds is a massive sci-fi story that involves an ancient war and rapid evolution, and of course, plenty of shooting. The single-player campaign is only half of the game's true talents -- the multiplayer rocks. After (or before or during) you sink hours into the campaign, the multiplayer still feels fresh and inventive, living up to classic Halo standards. Microsoft's baby does it once again, and there's no way you'll be disappointed. Price: $39.99 at Best Buy Platform: Xbox 360 Image courtesy of Microsoft Studios

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The holidays are synonymous with quality gaming time -- with some extra days off and hours of lounging around, there's nothing better than firing up the best game you unwrapped and getting down to business. Throw in some Christmas leftovers, and there isn't anything closer to heaven.

If you're looking for the best of the best right now, either to pick up for your loved one or to treat yourself this holiday season, look no further than this roundup of games. Catered to a specific play style, you'll find that all of these games are critical and commercial successes -- a veritable sure thing in the gaming world.

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Whether you're into hopping around on platforms or running and gunning through checkpoints, these games are sure to knock your socks off and keep you satisfied through the post-Christmas lull.

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