8 Gardening Tools that Will Change Your Life


(Credit: Edyn)

Depending on where you live, gardening season has either already started or is just around the corner. Which means that it’s time to take stock of your tools to get them in tip top shape for digging, planting, watering, and harvesting. Clean and sharpen shovels and spades, check that your rake and pruners are in working order, and check out our favorite tools to make this growing season the easiest and most productive one yet.

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(Photo: Edyn)

1. Edyn Garden Sensor 
This Wi-fi enabled system can tell you which plants to grow in your yard, what’s happening beneath the soil (such as a shift in Ph balance that can disrupt plants) and changes in the weather. Paired with the Edyn Water Valve, the system can automatically manage your sprinkler system to give plants the right amount of water on any particular day. It runs on solar power and you can monitor the data it collects on your phone, no matter where you are.

2. Kitchen Shears
From snipping herbs to cutting lettuce and leafy greens, kitchen shears are equally at home in the garden as in the kitchen. We like this pair from Wustof since the blades come apart for easy cleaning, and they stay sharp for years.

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(Photo: Johnny’s Seeds)

3. Tomato Trellis Clips
Paired with twine, these clips are the simple secret to well-supported and productive tomato plants. They can be used year after year and can also help support rose bushes and other climbing plants that need a little extra support.

4. Water Timer
If the demands of daily life make it nearly impossible for you to remember to water your garden—or you live in an area with drought-related water restrictions—you need to invest in a timer. You can set the watering frequency and duration, making sure that you never neglect your veggies again.


(Photo: Droplet)

5. Droplet
Love your Roomba? It might be time to try Droplet, especially if your water costs are soaring or drought is an issue. Droplet is a smart watering system that gives each plant in your yard the precise right amount of water it needs all on its own—no soaking the sidewalk or porch required. You can access water data to see exactly where it’s going and the system can be set to work within municipal watering restrictions.

6. Sprout It
If you’re new to gardening or just want to make it easier, download Sprout It. The free app can help you select plants for your zone, schedule plantings, learn how to care for specific edibles and ornamentals, and remind you when to water, prune, and harvest.

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(Photo: Tuft Guard)

7. Tuft Guard Hose
35% lighter than standard hoses, the colorful Tuft Guard hoses are also extremely flexible. Each hose is easy to move around the yard and store, which means that you’ll actually look forward to watering (and playing in the sprinkler).

8. Shade Cloth
If you live in a region that gets hammered by summer sun, protect your plants with a shade cloth or sail. It comes with hardware for installation and it can help reduce the amount of direct sun on more sensitive plants.

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