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Our staff also reports on local dining and entertainment news, offering an insider's guide on new restaurants to try and things to do. And let's not forget our coverage of rocket launches!

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Here are eight reasons you will benefit by becoming a subscriber of FLORIDA TODAY.

Stay connected to what's happening on the Space Coast

Subscribers have unlimited access to our journalism. Once you log in, you'll be able to view our investigative, in-depth news stories, along with the best local recommendations on where to dine — and what restaurants failed their inspections — and what to do this weekend.

Our journalists work hard to ensure you always know what's happening in Brevard County.

Here are examples of some of our subscriber-only journalism:

Restaurant news

We can't wait for these Brevard restaurants to open in 2023

Eleven Brevard restaurants flop on 2023's first inspection

For Valentine's Day or any day, here are 21 of the best romantic restaurants in Brevard


Brevard boys high school soccer: Teams off to strong starts, returning players to watch

Brevard girls high school soccer: Players and teams to know for the 2022-23 season

Brevard girls, women played their roles in growth of sports and in Title IX

Growth and development

Million dollar listings: Brevard's top 10 most expensive home sales for December

Viera official unveils vision for high-profile corporate park at Borrows West near I-95

Melbourne airport unveils $72M 'coastal-casual' terminal expansion amid historic traffic


'Project Comet' may bring $120 million complex to KSC's former Shuttle Landing Facility

SpaceX Falcon Heavy mission to bring back double sonic boom landing after a 3-year absence


On a budget? Five things you can do for free on the Space Coast this weekend


Brevard deputies say they tasered an autistic man holding a knife. So, where's the blade?

Local government

Brevard County Commission looks at who belongs on a key lagoon advisory board

Going 'Rogue': Matt Susin in the hot seat over leadership of Brevard County School Board

Eminent domain case over private beaches ropes in Rep. Thad Altman

Your neighbors

'It hurts': Black Seminoles journey to reclaim identity, history from Florida to Oklahoma

A bitter peel to swallow: 'Orange Man' from Harvey's Groves says goodbye for now

Freebies and deals

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Personalize your reading experience with the FLORIDA TODAY news apps

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Set up the news alerts you want to receive and when you want them

Set up push notifications the way you want and when you want.
Set up push notifications the way you want and when you want.

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Several newsletters are offered by FLORIDA TODAY.

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