8 Crazy Gadgets to Buy If You Win Mega Millions

Brian Anthony Hernandez

1. Personal Killer Whale Submarine

Price: $100,000

What does it do?: If you won the lottery, why not jump into a 17-foot watercraft that resembles a killer whale? The submarine can travel underwater at 25 miles per hour or hydroplane on the water's surface at 50 mph. The watercraft fits two people who can enjoy the watery view through the glass top or by watching an LCD screen that captures the rear view.

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What would you buy if you won Friday's world-record $640 million Mega Millions jackpot? That's this week's thought-provoking question being thrown around online and offline across the U.S.

You can purchase plenty of things with the half a billion dollar prize, including the eight gems we rounded up in the gallery above. "Mega Millions" is currently number one on Google's hourly updated list of top 20 trending topics, so you're not alone in wanting to get in on all the action.

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Lottery tickets cost $1 per play. To win, a player must match all of his or her six numbers on a ticket to the numbers picked during the drawing. The jackpot is paid in 26 annual payments or in a smaller cash option. The cash option this go-around is $389 million.

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How many tickets did you buy? Would you snag any of the gadgets in the gallery?

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