I-70 and Ohio 235 Buc-ee's project: 'We're closer than we've ever been'

Apr. 2—Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore shared an update on the highly anticipated development of Ohio's first Buc-ee's store and fueling center planned for an area near the Interstate 70/Ohio 235 interchange and the Clark County line.

In a post to a Facebook group Saturday following Buc-ee's developments, Gore said plans for intersection modifications near the proposed project site have been approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation and Montgomery County.

"ODOT and Montgomery County have approved building permits and approved the intersection modifications needed," Gore wrote in the post. "We expect to see Buc-ee's back at planning commission soon for their final detailed development plan approval. We're closer than we've ever been!"

Last month, ODOT confirmed the agency was participating in a traffic study alongside Buc-ee's, Huber Heights, and a consultant.

"This study is consistent with other major employers or businesses that come into Ohio," ODOT spokesperson Loryn Bryson said at the time, adding that the agency could not provide a timeline for completion.

Around the same time, a spokesperson for Buc-ee's confirmed that the company was working through "due diligence" for the project location.

"(Buc-ee's) has not yet closed on the property," the spokesperson said in February.

Gore has said previously that the company is expected to close on the property once they receive planning commission approval of a detailed development plan. He added there will be an estimated 18-month timeframe between that closing date to the date of opening.

Gore's Saturday post received nearly a dozen comments within the first hour, with residents and Buc-ee's fans expressing their excitement over the news.

In a response to one commenter asking for specific details of the plans for modification of the intersection, Gore said he has not yet received blueprints or drawings.

"... My understanding is a whole new lane is being added off of 70 and 235 specifically for Buc-ee's," Gore responded.

The city's next planning commission meeting is scheduled for April 9, though it's unclear if Buc-ee's will present a detailed development plan at that time.