7 tricks horror movies use to scare you

The most effective horror movies play on viewers' senses. From Alfred Hitchcock to M. Night Shyamalan, horror-film makers have always loved messing with our visual and auditory perception, using camera trickery, calculated shot composition, and immersive sound design to instill fear in their audiences. In this episode of "Movies Insider," we give a breakdown of some of their go-to techniques and explain what makes these classic horror devices so effective at crafting fear. Find out why the dark voyeur perspective is such a staple of slasher flicks. See how horror directors use negative space to make shots feel "off" and how their use of shallow focus creates discomfort in audiences. Plus, learn about the special range of low-frequency sounds in horror-movie soundtracks, which are basically programmed to put our bodies on edge. Here's how movies trick you into being scared.