7 Little-Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Should Visit

By Matt Long / LandLopers

If you’re a little nerdy like me, then visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites when you travel is probably something you enjoy. Even if it’s not you’ve probably visited a few without even realizing it. In case you’re not familiar with them, in 1972 the UN, through the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, began recognizing important sites around the world that they consider vital in order to maintain the cultural and natural heritage we have all inherited. We all know the big ones (Pyramids, Great Wall of Chine, etc.) but why I especially love visiting these sites is because most of them I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for their UNESCO designation. I’ve discovered a lot of little known, off the beaten path sites that turned out to be fascinating, fun places to explore. There are more than 1,000 sites around the world and although I’ve only been to 130, I decided to go through my notes and share a few of the ones that although you may not know, you should definitely add them to your must-visit list.

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