7 interior-design trends you'll see everywhere in 2024, and 5 that'll disappear

  • We asked interior designers for their insight into upcoming and fading design trends.

  • Forest green, curved accents, and stacked tiles are predicted to soar in popularity.

  • Industrial design, minimalism, and the color gray are out for 2024.

Insider asked interior designers to share which trends will be all the rage in the new year and which we should leave behind in 2023.

Biophilic design is here to stay

Alice Moszczynski, an interior designer at Planner 5D, told Insider that biophilic design will be huge in 2024.

The major goal of biophilic design is to increase connectivity to natural elements through the direct and indirect use of nature.

"The essence of biophilic design is the feeling you get out in nature, surrounded by lush greenery and natural light. It is all about bringing the outdoors in," Moszczynski said.

She said this design style will involve more natural materials, sunlight, and plants.

Warm tones will take center stage

Brown leather couch with brown and rust pillows next to plants in front of a window
Brown couches are set to be popular in 2024. brizmaker/Shutterstock

Neutral, earthy tones ebb and flow in popularity, and Moszczynski predicts that warm colors will take over as people seek cozy vibes in their homes.

The new year will see earthy browns, rich terracottas, and deep oranges take center stage.

"These hues bring comfort and homeliness to your spaces, creating a welcoming atmosphere," Moszczynski said.

Forest green will have its moment

Kelly Marohl, interior designer at Neutral Home Design, expects to see more forest green in various parts of homes in 2023.

"We believe this trend amongst homeowners was inspired by Joanna Gaines. She used this color many times in her popular television series, 'Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,'" Marohl told Insider.

Marohl predicts that homeowners choosing dark and moody colors will put forest green at the top of their list in 2024.

Comforting curves are in style

Curved beige couch next to metal shelving unit in front of checkered rug
Curved couches and chairs are becoming popular. Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Jennifer Verruto, CEO and founder of Blythe Interiors, told Insider that rounded shapes will appear in homes everywhere in 2024 due to their inviting nature.

"Introducing rounded shapes, like arched vanity mirrors, brings softness and beautiful juxtaposition against often linear vanities," Verruto said.

She also said arches "provide an air of sophisticated antiquity" but are versatile enough to pair with a range of design styles.

Scalloped designs will make a huge return

According to interior designer Julia Longchamps of Julia Longchamps Design, homeowners will welcome scalloped designs into their homes this year.

"Scalloped details on furniture and upholstery pieces are making it into the design world," Longchamps told Insider. She said scalloped edges could also be a nice accent on cabinetry.

Stacked tile is a hot trend

Kettle on wooden counter in front of vertically-stacked white backsplash tiles in kitchen
Stacked-tile backsplashes are a twist on a classic pattern.Scott-lee/Shutterstock

Subway tiles have been popular for years, but a new take on it will make waves in 2024 and beyond.

"It doesn't get much more classic than subway tile, but instead of the traditional brick lay, put a modern spin by stacking the tiles, either vertically or horizontally," Verruto told Insider.

She said she predicts this trend will look timeless for years to come.

Fractals will have a major moment in 2024

Interior designer Debbe Daley told Insider the next year will feature more fractal designs, which typically consist of geometric shapes that add dimension.

"With the theory of science in design and how shapes and geometric design appeal to the brain, fractals in our homes will be big," Daley said.

Daley said we can expect to see fractal designs for tables, cabinetry, accent pieces, and lighting.

On the other hand, the industrial style will take a step back

Industrial-style kitchen with woodan island, wood and metal stools, and brick exterior in front of navy cabinetry
Exposed brick and metal accents are common in industrial-style decor. NataliaLavrivNedashkivska/Shutterstock

Industrial style, which features elements like concrete floors, high ceilings, and exposed architectural structures and pipes, has been popular for a while, but it might not make it into 2024.

"People are shifting towards cozier and more inviting vibes. The exposed brick and metal fixtures might make way for softer and more comfortable styles," Moszczynski said.

Ultra-minimalism will fall out of favor

Brad Smith, interior designer and CEO at Omni Home Ideas, told Insider that ultra-minimalism, characterized by neutral colors and few details and furnishings, will start to fade.

"While minimalism will always have its place, ultra-minimalism can often feel cold and impersonal. People are seeking more warmth, comfort, and personality in their homes," Smith said.

Fast furniture is falling out of favor for many

Flat-packed, cheap furniture that's mass-produced has been popular for years due to its convenient and budget-friendly nature, but Smith told Insider the fast furniture trend is disappearing.

"There's a growing awareness of sustainability and the environmental impact of disposable items. People are more inclined to invest in quality pieces that last longer and have a lesser environmental footprint," Smith said.

The color gray is out

Gray couch in front of black metal and glass table in front of a beige wall with artwork
You might want to reconsider buying a gray couch.Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Daley told Insider the once popular gray trend has disappeared quickly and will continue to do so in 2024.

"With its popularity, many homeowners jumped on the gray bandwagon," Daley said. "With too many of the same looking interiors and being overdone, gray has been pushed aside to make way for bold and moody colors in the home."

Beige monochrome designs starting to look dated

Beige looks were all the rage a few years ago, but the basic shades will be replaced by bolder ones in 2024.

"Color-drenching, rich textures and invigorating patterns, like bold wallpaper, are taking center stage," Verruto said.

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