It's Your 62nd Anniversary, Charlie Brown

Christine Erickson
It's Your 62nd Anniversary, Charlie Brown
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It's been 62 years since Charlie Brown first stumbled into our hearts and morning paper. The first Peanuts comic, shown above, appeared in nine newspapers on Oct. 2, 1950. By the time the comic ended in 2000, creator Charles Schulz had published 17,897 strips -- which continue in reruns to this day.

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For more than six decades, children and adults alike have grown to love the Peanuts gang and "the great American un-success story" that is Charlie Brown. From his comics to cartoons, to films that have become a family staple, Schulz's characters taught us valuable lessons about love, friendship, acceptance and the harsh realities of growing up.

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To celebrate the anniversary, we've gathered our favorite memorable Peanuts moments. Share your fondest memories in the comments below.

Celebrating Charles Schulz's Famous Comics

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You're a GIF, Charlie Brown

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Memorable Peanuts Moments

1. Charlie Brown Christmas Dance

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Peanuts Fashion

Though we're not sure what the Peanuts gang would look like in real life, it's fun to imagine the kind of fashion and accessories they'd wear. To get you inspired for fall, here are some Peanuts inspiration boards.

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