6 Holiday Entertaining and Décor Trends to Expect This Year, According to Experts

Green themed holiday decor with velvet couch, wreaths and christmas tree
Green themed holiday decor with velvet couch, wreaths and christmas tree
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Maryna Terletska / GETTY IMAGES

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it's time to start making plans to transform your home into a festive oasis to welcome family and friends. Before you start shopping for a tree and unpacking last year's wreath, consider these holiday entertaining and decor trend predictions from the experts.

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Vibrant Colors

While neutral tones in a home have reigned supreme in recent years, the experts are expecting a return to bright holiday décor. Joyful, vibrant colors will emerge this festive season, says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert. According to Etsy's trend reports, there has been a 346 percent increase in searches for disco ball décor, 86 percent increase in searches for vibrant wall art, and a 24 percent increase in searches for colorful wreaths.

For traditionalists, you'll be happy to know that classic hues, like red, green, ochre, and rust tones are expected to return, says Jessica Nelson of Jessica Nelson Design in Seattle, Wash. "Homeowners are excited about color and they're ready to put color back in their homes," she says. "I love the rich and welcoming feeling of warm reds and greens in a home during the holidays." Nelson adds that these holiday colors bring a nostalgic feel to a home, perfect for the season.

Natural Accents

As reflected in recent years, people love getting outdoors to break up time spent doing remote work and other activities in the home. Johnson says that this reality continues to be represented in home décor. She expects to see natural foliage and greenery as decoration focal points for the holidays, as there has been a 118 percent increase in nature-inspired home décor searches and a 37 percent increase in searches for enchanted forest-inspired décor.

Thoughtful Get-Togethers

Before welcoming guests in your home for a holiday celebration, make sure you have a party trick on deck, says Rebecca Gardner, entertaining expert and founder of Houses & Parties. She says entertaining will be a big trend this holiday season after years of separation from loved ones due to the pandemic. Set the table with party crackers filled with fun prompts and activities everyone will enjoy for the festive fête.

Touches of Texture

As the festive season approaches, think about décor pieces with texture to add into the home, like velvet, mohair, and bold patterns, says Nelson. "I love seeing Morris + Co, nods to British textile designers, and fun trims like fringes being used, too," she adds. Other textured pieces like chunky knits speak to a trending alpine aesthetic for the holiday season, says Johnson.

Serving Up Drinks

In addition to offering a variety of games, Gardner says to have a selection of holiday cocktails on hand for adult guests, noting that switching when and what you are serving is a trend this season. "Out with the negroni before dinner and in with the espresso martini after dinner," she says. "Make sure they're freezing cold and not too sweet." Gardner recommends serving a generous batch from a silver punch bowl and elegant coupes.

Elaborate Tablescapes

Tablescapes will take center stage this holiday season. "I'm serving an Otto Lenghi-inspired menu with exotic spices, lots of flavorful vegetable dishes, and an over-the-top tablescape," says Gardner. "The trend of truth is that no one wants less, the 'myrrh' the merrier." Nelson expects to see "fun prints and patterns, as well as bows and embroidery popping up everywhere" this year, including in tablescapes.

Again, classic elements will top off the table details. Johnson says there has been an 85 percent increase in searches for vintage mixing bowls, a 26 percent increase in searches for retro décor, and a 14 percent increase in searches for vintage pyrex as people prep meals for their holiday dinners.