Book Lovers, Here's Your Next Home Project

It’s time to go beyond a simple pairing of books and shelves.


Photography by JAMES MERRELL

For the Minimalist at Heart
A luxurious drape not only adds to the dynamic of a room, it also makes for an ideal cover-up when entertaining. An instant and effortless move towards a decluttered space!

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Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT 

A Clever Disguise
In a room filled with pattern, a monotone bookcase provides balance, seamlessly transitioning within the elements of the space. 

How to sneak a bookcase into your decor. 


The Package Deal
A curated bookcase is an integral component of any decor scheme. Built-in shelves elevate the ambience while simultaneously housing everything from titles and prints to that decorative collection of one-of-a-kind vases. 


New Uses
Having a tough time letting go of that vast DVD collection? Designate them to an old china cabinet, propping a print against the glass to distract from the contents within. 

A simple guide to organizing bookcases.

Photography by DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN 

Interior Distractions
A built-in case serves as the perfect backdrop, adding a bold dynamic to the decor. If the space feels too busy, divert the attention with eye-catching prints fastened on opposing sides of the shelves.