How Emma Watson Made Skirts Over Trousers A Thing We’re All Willing To Try

[Photo: Getty/Yahoo Style UK]

Actress and activist Emma Watson is known for her quirky personal style and over the last few years she’s singlehandedly made one unusual look worth for her: Skirts over trousers.

She’s singlehandedly repping the fashion-forward look that is now known as the ‘skant’ trend (skirt under pant). It’s a combo that really shouldn’t really work, but somehow does because Emma is just so darn stylish. In fact she’s made it seem so effortless that it’s a look we would even take out for a test spin.


Met Gala, 2016

Most recently Emma wore this dramatic skirt and trouser combo to the Met Gala. Being ever the activist, the outfit designed by Calvin Klein is made out of recycled water bottles, which makes it just that extra bit amazing. [Photo: Getty Images]


White House Correspondents’ Dinner, 2016

Emma wore this stunning outfit made for her by designer Osman to the White House Dinner at the end of April. We would love to have heard what Obama had to say about this. Possibly “Obama out”… [Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]


Time 100 Gala, 2015

Probably one of the more subtle examples of Emma’s love for sassing up her trousers took place at the Time 100 Gala in 2015. We love this outfit and especially the skin tight trousers contrasted with the detailed flowing fabric. [Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images]


Golden Globes, 2014

Okay, so by this point we have sussed that Emma really does love her red carpet trouser/ skirt combo. When Emma wore this red gown over black trousers to the Golden Globes it did raise a few eyebrows. Don’t listen to them Em, you’re just well ahead of the trend. [Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage]


Perks Of Being A Wallflower, 2012

Even back in 2012 Emma was actively working this trend. She wore this glamorous all black number to a special screening of ‘The Perks of Being The Wallflower’. It was probably one of the first times she dared wear the combo and we can now see why she loves it so much, it just looks to darn good. [Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images]

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