5 THINGS TO KNOW: Why is the state election board sending out voter confirmation notices?

May 18—The Oklahoma State Election Board gives information regarding address confirmation notices being sent to some Oklahoma voters in order to maintain clean and updated voter rolls.

1 What is an address confirmation notice?

An address confirmation notice is a mailing sent to select voters by the State Election Board every two years, as part of the statutorily mandated, voter list maintenance process required by law.

2 How are voters selected?

Voters are selected to receive an address confirmation notice for one of several reasons as outlined in 26 O.S. § 4-120.2. Voters who receive the notice must respond and confirm their registration address. Voters who do not respond will have their status changed to "inactive."

3 What happens if I don't respond to the notice?

Voters who don't respond and confirm their address within 60 days will be designated as "inactive," and are required by law to be removed from the voter rolls after the 2026 general election. "Inactive" voters can reverse their status and avoid removal by updating their voter registration or by voting in any election on or before the 2026 general election.

4 What role do the notices play?

Address confirmation notices have played a vital role in keeping voter registration rolls clean and have been required by law for almost three decades. Additionally, election officials conduct monthly maintenance — as required by law — using information provided by authorized sources such as felony convictions from courts and death records from the State Department of Health.

5 How can I verify the confirmation notice is legit?

If you have questions regarding the address confirmation notice process, please contact the Oklahoma State Election Board at (405) 521-2391 or info@elections.ok.gov.

—Derrick James