5 romantic food ideas for Valentine's Day

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Special occasions often call for traditionally appropriate dishes that are usually served on that day. For Christmas, we usually see elaborate roasts, delicious cakes and an abundance of everything indulgent. During birthdays, we typically serve or eat some form of noodle dish because of the superstitious belief that it brings long life.
Other than chocolate, Valentine's Day isn’t really associated with a distinct dish.
But here are a few suggestions that will invoke feelings of romance on Hearts Day:
1.       Fondue. Whether you want it as your main meal or as a dessert, fondue is always a good choice for a romantic meal. For a main, you can do a cheese fondue with torn up pieces of bread, and have a platter of nuts and dried fruit or cold cuts to accompany it. You can also opt for a late night chocolate fondue treat to satisfy your sweet tooth—just slice fruit and dip!

2.       A steak dinner. Nothing is more classic that a well-cooked steak with a delectable sauce as a romantic meal. Steak need not be expensive, especially if you choose to stay home and make a cooking date out of your Valentine dinner. Simply buy a cut you can afford from the supermarket and make gravy out of cooking wine or even mushroom soup. Voila, an inexpensive but romantic dinner at home.

3.       Oysters. Whether you want them baked or freshly shucked, oysters are a great, classically romantic choice. Pair with some bubbly, whether real Champagne or the more affordable sparkling wine and you're all set for the evening.
4.       Homemade pizza and pasta. Pizza and pasta seems pretty casual and unromantic but it's the exact opposite if you make it yourself from scratch. For your pizza, recipes for homemade dough and sauces are available online and ingredients can be as cheap or expensive as you'd like. For pasta, it would be great to make your own if you had a pasta maker, but if not, just pick a good quality dry pasta and make your own sauce.

5.       Ice cream. For couples who want to eat out but want a yummy midnight snack or decide to have dessert at home, you can spruce up your ordinary ice cream by adding on other ingredients. Make an ice cream sandwich out of a scoop of your favorite flavor stuffed between two cookies. Or, indulge and share a banana split with 3-4 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Don't forget the cherry!


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