The 5 Q's: Erin Slifka promotes Joplin chamber's tech summit

Oct. 30—In this weekly feature, we put five questions before someone in the community. Today, we chat with Erin Slifka, of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. What are the details of the Joplin Regional Innovation & Technology Summit?

The 2022 Joplin Regional Innovation & Technology Summit will be held on Thursday and Friday at James River Church in Joplin. The tracks include Technology, Business Innovation, Cyber Resiliency and Digital Communities.

2. Who are some of the guest speakers you have booked?

We have 17 dynamic speakers who will share the challenges and opportunities of owning a business in a tech-driven world as well as potential solutions to overcome these obstacles. Some of these speakers are:

—Morning keynote: Shawnee Delaney, "Spy On The Inside to Insider Threats."

—Business innovation: Kavita Ganesan, "How to Develop Your Organization's AI Strategy."

—Cyber resiliency: Tim Weber, "Experiencing a Ransomware Event."

—Business technology: Burton Kelso, "How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts and Websites from Hackers."

—Business technology: Robert Stokes, "Robotic Dogs: Our New Best Friends."

3. Who should attend the summit?

Everyone is invited to participate, from entrepreneurs to employees and individuals who are interested in learning more about changing technologies.

4. What does the chamber hope participants will take away from the summit?

Bringing together over 250 people with diverse backgrounds and experiences in technology creates new ideas, expands thoughts on existing processes and grows participants' connections.

5. How can residents register for the summit?

Tickets for the event are valued at over $60, but because of the presenting sponsor, Pennington Station, and their generosity, ticket fees have been waived and registration is free. Registration is required and can be completed at

Erin Slifka is the marketing and public information manager for the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.