5 Pests That May Be Living in Your Gutters—And What You Can Do About It

Day after day, largely unnoticed, gutters perform a critically important role by channeling storm water and snowmelt a safe distance away from your home. At least, that's how it's all supposed to work. But for gutters to do their job, you must do yours. That is, twice a year (more often on a densely wooded lot), you have to inspect and clear gutters of any leaves, twigs, and other debris. If you fail to do so, it's only a matter of time before the drainage system clogs and leaves your home vulnerable to a host of insidious problems—and not always ones you'd expect. For instance, if it's been many months since you last gave any thought to your gutters, there's a chance that they've become a harborage for all sorts of pests. After all, the shady, wet conditions in clogged gutters make for precisely the sort of environment that many critters like best. Some of those pests that find your gutters particularly hospitable are potentially damaging, while others merely pose a threat to peace of mind. But no matter what type of creature may be lurking in your gutters, you can depend on a simple, one-step upgrade to ensure that going forward your gutters remain free not only of pests, but also of the clogs that compromise gutter performance and make them a beacon for critters in the first place. Intrigued? Click through now to find out which unwanted guests may be residing a little too close for comfort, and what you can do to make sure they go away and stay away.

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