5 Must-Have Electronics for Students

Sabah Karimi
Yahoo! Contributor Network
5 Must-Have Electronics for Students
A tablet computer could be just what your student needs to stay organized this school year.

Back to school season is right around the corner, and now is a great time to start stocking up on all of those school and campus essentials. While many students now take their laptop to school to complete assignments, take notes, or just to stay connected through the school's intranet, there are some other electronics and gadgets available to keep students organized this school year. Spending a little extra on these electronics can help students be more comfortable with technology, stay on top of assignments, and even enhance the learning experience.

Here are five must-have electronics for students:

#1: E-reader. Many colleges and schools have a recommended reading list and expect students to purchase these books a few weeks before school starts. Make things easier for your student by buying an e-reader device. Students can just download the books to this device and carry it in their backpack or school bag for easy access.

#2: Tablet computer. Some of today's latest tablet computers work like a mini laptop and could even replace the need to carry a heavy laptop back and forth each day. These lightweight devices have touchscreen capabilities and some feature ports for an external keyboard. Students can use the tablet to access the Internet, complete assignments, download books or materials, and even save notes and documents.

#3: Cell phones. While cell phone use may be limited or even prohibited in some areas of the campus, students that have a long commute or just want to stay in touch with family and friends will need to carry a cell phone with them throughout the school year. Choose a smartphone that can offer Internet access and email capabilities so students can stay connected. Shared family plans are becoming increasingly affordable and having a cell phone can make the student feel more secure and safe when away from home.

#4: Digital camera. While most smartphones and tablet computers come equipped with a camera, students interested in digital photography, art, or other classes that require taking photographs will need a high-quality camera. Many digital cameras that are not designed for professional use are relatively affordable and can help students develop some solid photography skills for the future.

#5: High-quality headphones. Some students might want to listen to music from their playlist during breaks or when traveling to and from school. They can also be used to tune out noise when completing assignments on a laptop computer. A good pair of noise-isolating headphones can deliver better sound quality and last for several semesters to come.