Last-Minute Valentine Gifts (That Don't Feel Last-Minute)

Gift-giving on Valentine’s Day is a funny thing. The December holidays have just passed and you’re kind of tapped out of ideas (and probably funds). For most, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a big-bucks-dropping holiday—a sweet little sentiment with a slight handmade touch is all you need.

Here are five ideas that you don’t have to plan for weeks in advance. Even if it’s just a day or two away, you can pull these off in time. So if you’re short on time but not short on love, these gifts will say those three little words we all want to hear.

For your sweetheart…


Nothing says last-minute like a printable gift! But this isn’t just any old flat paper card…it’s one that folds into a beautiful 3-dimensional vase. (Stand it around a mason jar to hold the water and flowers.) Just click and buy this lovely paper vase from Ellen Giggenbach on Etsy ($4), and she’ll email you the downloadable file to print as many times as you’d like! (Good for those with more than one sweetheart! We won’t tell—promise.)

For the little people…


If you have kids in the house, you have crayons. And if you have crayons, then you no doubt have crayon stubs and broken crayons. Use a heart-shaped silicone mold to make rainbow crayons for your kids or for them to give to their friends. You can find a the step-by-step at All You.

For your coworkers…


You never want to be the one in the office that shows up empty-handed on February 14th. These arrow-skewered macarons are adorable, delicious, and have a touch of handmade sweetness that gives them that je ne sais quoi. Buy the macarons at your local bakery and learn how to make the cute little arrows at Sugar and Cloth.

For the hopeless romantic…


Nothing says romance like a candle. And a candle that’s carved with a heart and initials? Well, that’s plain adorbs. Hello Natural shows you how easy it is to carve out your design and fill it in with a paint pen.

For a parent or sibling…


At the end of the day, nothing says “I love you” more than, well, the words “I love you.” Confetti Sunshine designed this amazing poster for Father’s Day but who says it can’t be used a few months early? Or, just make your own with stencils and/or stickers as the lettering in the center. Writing a list of what you love about and for the people in your life is really what it’s all about, is it not?