5 Inspiring Ways Developers Are Building With Google Maps

Zoe Fox

About More Than a Map

More Than Maps, a new series, highlights the work of developers around the world using the Google Maps API to improve their communities, start businesses, or save the environment. Weekly segments will be showcased on MoreThanMaps.com and Google's Geo Developers Blog.

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Google launched a new project Wednesday, More Than Maps, highlighting the work of developers around the globe, using Google Maps. One Googler, Carlos Cuesta, spent a whirlwind eight days travelling to five different continents, to document the work of developers across the world.

In the above gallery, you'll see stories from Kenya, Thailand, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Each week, one story will be highlighted on Google's Geo Developers Blog.

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More Than Maps, albeit highly promotional, provides some cool insight into the range of uses of the Google Maps API.

What other developers have you seen making great use of Google Maps? Let us know your favorites Maps-based startups and projects in the comments.

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